How Do I Switch Minecraft Version?

Using The Built In Version Switcher

The control panel has a built in version switcher with the most popular jars. (If you feel like we are missing any, feel free to submit a support ticket and we will add them)

To switch your version, firstly navigate to your server and then:

  1.  In the left sidebar, go to: Server Management -> Configuration -> Version
  2.  Select the desired version of minecraft you would like to host
  3.  Press the 'Submit' button. This will replace the server.jar.
  4.  To apply this new jar, then restart your server using the restart button.
I have a custom jar, how do I use that?

No worries, simply upload it to the files, replacing the server.jar and restart your server. Volia, your new custom jar is being used.

I do not know how to access my server files

No worries, we have a dedicated article outlining how to access and modify your server files located here

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